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 The third annual Criminal Justice Connections drew a full house in the Kelleher Center on the Staten Island Campus of St. Johnís University.  Alumni and members of the Criminal Justice community were present to honor two prominent alumni of St. Johnís. NYPD Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly , who graduated St. Johnís Law school, 1971, and Richmond County District Attorney Daniel Donovan ,  who received his BS from Notre Dame College, St. Johnís University, Class of 1978 were recognized for their accomplishments in the field of Criminal Justice.

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LtoR:  NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and DA Dan Donovan

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PC Ray Kelly addresses the Criminal Justice Connection 2004

The awards were presented on March 10, 2004 which had special significance for many of those in attendance. That date was the first anniversary of the murder of two NYPD detectives in the confines of the 120th Precinct on Staten Island.  It was exactly one year ago, March 10, 2003, that Detectives James Nemorin, and Rodney Andrews were slain during a gun buy-and-bust operation. That case will be procecuted by the office of the Richmond County District Attorney. When DA Donovan accepted his award and spoke to the assembly, he reminded us of the horror of the murder of both officers.  He also reminded us that March 10th is also the anniversary of Detective Luis Lopez who was killed in the line of duty in the 9th Precinct on March 10, 1993.  I was especially touched by that reminder.  Detective Lopez was a  cop in  the 120th Precinct  before he transferred into OCCB.  I remember him well and recall his dedication to his career as a police officer. Luis shared some of his personal thoughts with me during long hours in the precinct performing TS. Like most active cops, he didnít relish working inside the precinct stationhouse.  He took his turn without complaint and I was fortunate in becoming familiar with him during those long and tedious late tours.  I will always remember him fondly.

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DA Donovan speaks to the assembly

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LtoR: Capt Reuss, NYPD (ret) NDCí81, PC Ray Kelly, Ď71L, Prof. Angelo Pisani, Dir.CrJ, SJU, Jim Molinaro, Staten Island BP

Angelo Pisani, PhD. Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Director of the Criminal Justice Program at St. Johnís University introduced the honorees during the awards ceremony. Professor Pisani and I were radio car partners in the 123rd Precinct.  We had the opportunity to reminisce about those years when we didnít have so many gray hairs.

 Police Commissioner Kelly and I were appointed to the NYPD on June 26, 1963.  He remarked that he went into the US Marine Corps five days after he was sworn in.   He served in Viet Nam and came back to the NYPD after his tour of duty there. He later graduated from St. Johnís Law School, Class of Ď71.
Staten Island Borough President Jim Molinaro was present and congratulated the honorees of the Criminal Justice Connections 2004.

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